Grand Salon and Entrance Foyer Grand Salon and Entrance Foyer Right Arrival Foyer 142934520 Grand Staircase 142934521 Grand Staircase from 2nd floor open catwalk 142934522 Chateau Front facade 142934523 Balcony to Grand Salon 142934524 Formal Living Room and Fireplace 142934525 Front Foyer and hand-painted dome ceiling 142934526 Front Door 142934527 Front Right arrival foyer seating 142934528 Grand Salon from Left 142934529 Grand Salon from Right 142934530 Grand Salon from right with side seating 142934531 Grand Staircase 142934532 Front Door and Lions 142934533 Gilded Hallway to Study and Conference Room 142934534 Right Wing Hallway 142934535 Right Wing Hallway walls 142934536